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About us

Lexikon is a full-service translation agency comprising a team of highly skilled professional translators with extensive experience, equipped to handle even the most complex translation tasks

Who We Are

Lexikon is a full-service translation agency dedicated to providing exceptional language solutions

Our company offers a wide array of comprehensive translation and interpreting services. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional quality, we specialize in providing top-notch translations tailored to various industries and sectors. Our team of highly skilled and experienced translators excels in working with diverse types of texts, such as documentation, business content, marketing materials, technical specifications, legal documents, and more. We recognize the significance of accuracy and timeliness in translations, which is why we place great emphasis on meticulous attention to detail and ensuring the highest quality of our work. Moreover, we are committed to meeting the interpretation needs of our clients. Whether it’s for events, conferences, seminars, or business meetings, our dedicated interpreters offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services. Drawing on their extensive experience and expertise, they facilitate effective understanding and seamless communication between individuals from different language groups.

With our comprehensive range of translation and interpretation services, we are fully equipped to assist clients from various industries, ensuring their messages are accurately conveyed and understood in multiple languages.

What we offer

Fast, reliable and professional translation services

  • translation of documents and legal texts
  • translation of technical texts
  • translation of medical texts
  • translation of webpages
  • translation of advertising materials
  • translation of literary works
  • pharmaceutical translation
  • translation of texts from other fields
  • neural machine translation
  • notarization
  • apostille services
  • document legalization
  • legal consultations
Our team

Translation agency team

Company director

Ludmila Moiseeva

Project Manager

Alla Krovacka

Account manager

Liga Purmalniece

Our history

How our company evolved

Founded in 2006 as TULKU FABRIKA Translation Agency and later rebranded as LEXIKON, our company has consistently upheld a reputation for delivering exceptional quality services and reliable translations. Throughout our journey, we have remained dedicated to continuous development and growth. The strategic decision to rebrand as “LEXIKON” was driven by our ambition to enhance and expand our international presence. Rebranding as “LEXIKON” signifies a crucial milestone in our growth strategy. With this new identity, we aim to actively attract clients from around the world, forge partnerships with foreign organizations, and establish ourselves as leaders in the global translation industry. By doing so, we will enhance our visibility and reputation in the international market.

While we evolve, we remain steadfast in upholding our core principles, including a commitment to delivering high-quality translations and providing a personalized approach to each client. Moreover, we continuously embrace cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, enabling us to remain at the forefront of the industry. Our passion for excellence, dedication to client satisfaction, and utilization of state-of-the-art resources drive us to deliver superior language solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients and contribute to their success on a global scale.

Years of experience
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Current activities

At our Translation Agency, we are dedicated to constant development and staying at the forefront of the translation industry. By embracing cutting-edge technologies like machine translation and artificial intelligence, we enhance the efficiency and quality of our services, offering innovative solutions to our clients. While machine translation offers advantages in speed and cost, we acknowledge the indispensable role of human expertise in ensuring the highest quality and utmost accuracy.

That’s why we adopt a hybrid approach, combining machine translation with manual revision and correction by our experienced translators. Our ultimate goal is to deliver professional translations that enable you to expand your global presence, establish fruitful collaborations with international partners, and achieve success on the international stage.

Bridging cultures with flawless translation!

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Feedback from our clients

A reliable partner for translations. Able to work and react in non-standard situations. Translations were completed in a timely and high quality level.


We appreciated the partners' attention and communication, the work was done promptly. Urgent translations were also completed within the agreed time frame.


Fast and accurate translations. The company completed our order on time despite time constraints. The quality of the translations was flawless!


The Lexikon team are professionals who work with responsibility, at a high level of professionalism and meet the agreed deadlines.


A professional translation company with an understanding of the context. The cooperation with the company was pleasant and efficient. They paid attention to the specifics of our project and were able to translate the idea into another language without losing the meaning.


For many years, Concord Service Group Ltd. has entrusted its translation work to Lexikon. The company has fulfilled our orders in a timely manner and paid attention to detail. Thanks to the cooperation with Lexikon, our company has successfully entered new markets.


A reliable partner for translations. The company delivers our orders on time and with attention to detail.


Professional translators with extensive knowledge. We have worked with the company on many projects and have always received high quality translations. Our trust in them continues to grow.


Excellent quality of translations! The company really has an in-depth knowledge of different languages and was able to convey the meaning of the texts accurately and clearly. Highly recommended!